Why Choose Our Los Angeles Drone Company?

That’s a fair question. If you exercise any extent of diligence as a consumer, you’re not just going to give away your hard-earned money willy-nilly. You want to know exactly what you’re getting when you exchange funds for goods and services. Value — that’s the term that we’re looking for.

If you don’t know much about drones, you will. Drones are taking the world by storm and in recent years they’ve dramatically increased in popularity. Unmanned, small aircraft with high-quality cameras attached have allowed humans to safely get shots that were otherwise unattainable. From the mountain heights with extremely thin air to deep in the ocean and across the New York City skyline, there’s really nothing that you can’t capture with a drone.

The Leader In Los Angeles Drone Companies

Jonathan the Drone Guy is no stranger to this trend. Our drone services stretch from drone wedding videography and photography to innovative real estate drone photography solutions that help your listing stand out. Jonathan has helped shoot professional music videos, films, and a host of other multimedia projects thanks to the help of his expert drone piloting skills and experience. Massive commercial development projects? Aerial land surveying? Showcasing your dealership or hotel from the sky? No problem.

Jonathan also does it right. From an insurance and/or liability standpoint, you’ll never have to worry about potential losses thanks to the fact that he’s licensed by the FAA (333 and Part 107) and also insured up to $2 million. He’s also made countless friends and forged meaningful relationships with people around Southern California and beyond. Just check out Jonathan’s reviews — he’s created a well-deserved 5-star reputation on Yelp and other review platforms based on people’s stellar experience with him.

Real Estate Drone Videography and Photography

Giving prospective homeowners a tour through a house and providing an unbeatable aerial view of a property and the surrounding area is invaluable for a listing that truly stands out. Better yet, Jonathan also brings extensive real estate experience to the table thanks to his background in the industry. There’s simply no one better to choose to help market your listings.

Large-Scale Commercial Development Projects and Land Surveying

Using drones for land surveying is an efficient, reliable, and comprehensive way to obtain high-quality footage of an area that you’re intending on developing. From apartment complexes and rental units to shopping centers and office buildings, there’s no project that’s too big for Jonathan the Drone Guy.

Drone Wedding Photography

You’re going to get some truly unique shots of your special day with the help of wedding drone photography in Los Angeles. Whatever your wedding day needs are, Jonathan will work with you beforehand to make sure that he’s doing exactly what you’re comfortable with.

Drone Videography for the Entertainment Industry

From movie scenes to documentaries and music videos, the aerial and wide-angle shots that Jonathan captures are perfect for your multimedia project.

Your Go-To Choice for Drone Companies In Los Angeles

With the capability of shooting sporting events, graduations, engagements, anniversary parties, corporate events, evidence collection for law firms, exotic rental cars, and so much more, the creative possibilities and marketing potential of working with Jonathan the Drone Guy are endless. Get started today!


Nothing is more powerful than video for your business.

Of all the resources that businesses have, nothing provides the same ROI as video.  A consumer that watches a video demonstration is 1.81 TIMES more likely to buy or follow your brand. Embracing the lucrative nature of video, Jonathan the Drone Guy can provide amazing, high-quality videos that you need to attract more clients and make more sales. From drone wedding photography to commercial real estate video, aerial videography and drone photography offer a precision-based advantage that you simply can’t get with other cameras. Fully licensed and fully insured, Jonathan is ready to help market your real estate listings, assist with aerial land surveying, shoot a professional music video, capture your special wedding, and more!

Top Drone Pilot
Most 5-Star Reviews on Yelp
24-Hr Turn-Around on Video
Instant Turn-Around on Pics
FAA Licensed 333 & Part 107
Fully Insured up to $2 Million
Real Estate
TV & Film
Music Videos
Affordable & Reliable

From small family events to major feature films,
Jonathan the Drone Guy can capture exactly what you have in mind.


Say that video provides them the best ROI.


Executives are more likely to choose video over text, given a choice.


Videos on a webpage will get 80% more conversions.


A webpage with video is more likely to show on the first page of Google…