Jonathan Is A Dream!

Jonathan is a dream! I did a lot of research on drone companies & the services they offer before I locked in on one. Many companies now have the combo package that they semi-force you into purchasing. It includes the photos & video. I just wanted the photos and didn’t want to pay extra for something I knew I wasn’t going to use so my search continued. I found JonathanTheDroneGuy actually on YELP and his pricing was just for the photos! I am so glad I took a chance on him because he is a delight to work with. He has now done 6 property projects for me and they have all come out great. The camera that he uses is high quality which is key* – the images are crisp and clear no matter how high up he goes! He shoots about 10-15 photos for each project and captures all of the angles you can think of. I can’t say enough about his service, it is incredible. Jonathan is easy to get a hold of and the turnaround time is extremely reasonable. Obtaining the photos is also a dream- he sends a link, you click and you’re there — boom. He gives you 3 folders — raw photos, JPEG and final so you can edit if you want more or less. I have referred him to other offices and people who are looking for a simple drone guy. I really like his work and will continue to use him for all of my projects– he is very reliable and timely – what can I say, he’s the guy! try him, you won’t regret it.

Sarah T. - Los Angeles, CA