1. How Drones Are Progressively Shaping The Modern World

    As we’ve stated before in our blog here at Jonathan The Drone Guy, drones are nothing new. UAV technology has existed for decades, and the military has been utilizing this tech for quite some time at this point. Now, while drones have very established uses in today’s ever-changing world, what’…Read More

  2. Some Of The Most Interesting Drone Uses We’ve Seen

    They’ve been around for quite some time and, to no surprise, they’re not going anywhere any time soon — except for flying around, of course. Drones began to enter the national spotlight and push their way into the layman’s vernacular in the late 2000s or early 2010s (is that what we’re cal…Read More

  3. Common Misinformation About Drone Photography and Videography

    Unmanned aircraft might be taking the world by a storm, but we don’t mean that in a nefarious way. No, weaponized drones aren’t going to wreak havoc on the American populace. No, you can’t fly a drone anywhere you want. Yes, it takes a certain amount of skill and knowledge to know how to effec…Read More

  4. Operating Safely: Simple But Important Drone Safety Tips

    We’ve come a long way since the days of conventional photo and video shoots. With the advent of drone technology — the core of our business — no longer are we required to contort our bodies into awkward shapes and angles just to get breathtaking shots of a property, a wedding, or just about an…Read More

  5. What People Are Saying About Jonathan The Drone Guy

    We’d be hard-pressed to fit all of the overwhelmingly positive feedback that Jonathan has received over the years into this single blog post. Why? That’s because so many individuals and companies have explicitly raved about Jonathan The Drone Guy and his unmatched drone photography and videograp…Read More

  6. Heres What Our Drone Services Can Do For You

    Here’s What Our Drone Services Can Do For You!

    If you’re getting more comfortable and familiar with that characteristic “bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” sound that drones make, then you probably realize just how important drones — and, more importantly, drone video and drone photography — are in today’s technology-driven world. We’ll admit, we di…Read More

  7. Best Practices And Tips To Help Realtors In Southern California

    If you’re wondering if we’re going to recommend our real estate drone photography services in Los Angeles as a great way to help realtors sell homes, we’ll be candid — you’d be right. But who could blame us? Real estate drone video and drone photography are becoming the new standard for re…Read More

  8. Why Using Our Drone Services For A Real Estate Virtual Tour Works

    Why Using Our Drone Services For A Real Estate Virtual Tour Works

    So you’ve just found the perfect property to list — and here in the greater Los Angeles area, there quite a few beautiful homes that need to find their way to the right buyer. When it comes to a beautiful house, situated on an even more beautiful piece of land, how do you really do a place like …Read More

  9. The Advantages Of Using Real Estate Drone Photography

    The Advantages Of Using Real Estate Drone Photography

    It’s 2018 — if you’re using conventional photos and vague descriptions to highlight and market your properties as a real estate agent, then simply put, you’re behind the times. More than ever before, clients and would-be home buyers seek immersive, high-quality coverage that gives them a cle…Read More