Little compares to the wide-angle shots of the replay a sporting event from above. From the time the match starts to the action-filled plays made by team members, a bird’s eye view of how it all unfolds can be a memorable and exciting documentation.

Our team of dedicated professionals remain attuned to every step of the game. As an FAA-licensed drone pilot, or team’s lead videographer knows the ins-and-outs of drone imagery, providing you with the highest quality action photography while ensuring the safety of both the team and our staff.

From professional sports teams to college and youth sports teams we offer both indoor and outdoor action photography services. As experts in providing the best video services and aerial photography, we can provide the bird’s-eye view you desire for your team’s next event.

Whether you are looking for an entire match to be recorded or simply want a couple of shots or clips, our team is eager to meet with you to determine the best plan of action. No matter the sport, we’re certain we can create a photo or video package you and the team will enjoy for years to come.