Our drone photography and videography services are available to residents and business owners in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Ventura County, Pasadena and surrounding areas of Southern California. If you live outside of these areas please contact our team at Jonathan the Drone Guy, so we can find a solution that caters to your specific project.

We proudly offer drone photography and videography for the following:


Real Estate

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Retail Center/Shopping Mall
  • Builders/Construction
  • Land

Providing aerial photographs or video of a listing for a home is the most comprehensive and trustworthy way of informing potential buyers of any residential, industrial or commercial property. We are specialists in aerial photography, using wide-angle lenses to show the grandeur of your location in beautiful Southern California.

Entertainment Industry

From scenes in a movie or documentary to shots in a short commercial or music video, our drone footage lends that extra touch you’ve been searching for. Come to us with your ideas. We can turn them into exquisite photos and/or video for your next project. We specialize in adding that creative touch that will make your production stay out.


Our wedding photography and videography services are tailored to your specifications. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor occasion, let us put the cherry on top of your wedding with memorable aerial photographs and video.

Service Industries + Hotels/Resorts

Whether you’re in the retail industry or operate a touring and adventure company,  drone footage can provide a unique touch to all of your advertising and website image needs. We offer a variety of packages designed to help your business prosper.

Photographers and Videographers

Have a client who really wants a couple of drone-enabled images along with your regular photography or videography services? Team up with us to help fill the gap. Our team of FAA-licensed drone pilots ensures a timely return on our footage to fit within your deadlines and budget.

Sporting Events

There’s nothing more important than capturing that winning championship game from as many angles as possible. Our licensed drone pilots pay attention to every detail while ensuring the match isn’t altered by the distraction of a drone. With our services we capture the reaction of the crowd as well as the entire match, all from the air.

Car Dealerships and Rental Car Services 

Advertise your one-of-a-kind rentals or provide your potential clients with a new and fascinating introduction to your dealership. We provide creative drone photography services for dealerships throughout Southern California.


Images are oftentimes the best way to share details, and can be more accurate than a written account of a scene. If you’re an attorney and need photos taken of a crime scene or home, enlist in our legal photography services.