Service Industry

Advertise your business or services with drone footage to make a lasting impression on your potential clients. Drone photography and videography is a new and innovative tool that is certain to grab your target audience’s attention and make your business more competitive in its respective industry.

Grabbing a client’s attention in this digital media world can be a challenge. It’s essential now more than ever to provide eye-grabbing, short and informative content. With our services, we work to achieve just that. With a keep eye for detail and interesting and engaging shots and angles, we am to deliver videos and images that will draw a view in and hold their attention.

Whether you’re an owner of a family-owned business, a corporate owner of a retail chain or operate a dental office, drone footage has boundless limits when it comes to advertising material. As a part of our services, we give you the high-resolution files that you can put on your website as well as submit for television commercials. All of our files can be read across all platforms so there’s no need to worry they won’t work – and if they don’t we’ll work with you to make sure any bugs are fixed.

Call us with your advertising ideas today. Our team works to ensure your visions for advertising your business become a reality.

Sporting Events

Little compares to the wide-angle shots of the replay a sporting event from above. From the time the match starts to the action-filled plays made by team members, a bird’s eye view of how it all unfolds can be a memorable and exciting documentation.

Our team of dedicated professionals remain attuned to every step of the game. As an FAA-licensed drone pilot, or team’s lead videographer knows the ins-and-outs of drone imagery, providing you with the highest quality action photography while ensuring the safety of both the team and our staff.

From professional sports teams to college and youth sports teams we offer both indoor and outdoor action photography services. As experts in providing the best video services and aerial photography, we can provide the bird’s-eye view you desire for your team’s next event.

Whether you are looking for an entire match to be recorded or simply want a couple of shots or clips, our team is eager to meet with you to determine the best plan of action. No matter the sport, we’re certain we can create a photo or video package you and the team will enjoy for years to come.


Other Events

  • Corporate Events
  • Graduation
  • Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah
  • Birthday
  • Engagement
  • Anniversary
  • Wedding

Hotels and Resorts

Show potential guests just how great your resort is in mere seconds. With drone photography and videography, we have the ability to truly highlight the grandeur of hotels and resorts like never before. From full aerial-view photographs and video to capturing the essence of hotel lobbies or specific rooms, drone footage highlights your best amenities. Enlist us to help you with your next video project for your resort advertising today.

Car Dealers/Exotic Rentals

Give your auto dealership commercial or website a special added touch with an aerial video or photo of your entire inventory and location. Whatever it may be, our experienced team can help make your vision a reality.

From complete aerial shots to tours of your dealership, we offer a variety of services tailored to fit what you want. From cars for sale to high-end rental cars, we’ve done it all.

From the time we initially meet to go over your needs to when we place the finished product in your hands, our services exceed expectations for modern imagery. With an FAA-licensed and insured drone pilot, you can rest assured that we take every step to ensure the safety of the people we work with and the objects we photograph.

Our team promises timely and reliable services from the moment we meet to the time the finished product is in your hand. We provide the customer service only a family-owned business can offer.

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If you are working on a case and you need to collect aerial photographic evidence of a property or room, look no further than our services. Our team offers confidential services for attorneys while putting together cases..

Without fail, photos tell more than a simple description and visuals are often more easy to follow (and trust) than a word-by-word account of a witness or defendant. We keep a keen eye on the details of the shots that we take, leaving nothing to question. The high-resolution images will be available to you in a timely manner, though if you need them right away, let us know when you call to request our services. We will do what we can to accommodate your needs.

Dedicated to providing the clearest images possible, our team is FAA-approved to fly drones, ensuring evidence will not be tampered with in the process of obtaining your photos. Call us today with the specifics of your drone photography and videography needs.