With nearly a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, Jonathan The Drone Guy knows all about creating films for an audience. Jonathan has vast experience working with top directors, producers and artists alike. When it comes to leveraging drone technology to shoot music videos and films, Jonathan is your man.

Aerial and wide-angle shots with a drone are perfect for the entertainment industry. You have your vision for how you want the video to look and feel, and we can complete it with our drone-powered cameras. Whether it’s a shot of a sunset, vast terrain, an energetic chase or an all-encompassing shot, Jonathan is ready and able. Drone photography and videography could be just the right addition to make your entertainment production competitive and memorable.

Armed with a drone pilot license from the FAA and insured up to $2 million, we ensure quality video footage. From scenes in a movie or documentary to shots in a short commercial or music video, our drone footage lends that extra touch you’ve been searching for. Come to us with your ideas – we can turn them into exquisite photos and/or video for your next project. Contact Jonathan The Drone Guy today to learn more about drone footage for the entertainment industry.