With Jonathan the Drone Guy, we strive to produce detailed images and video that are designed to help determine if your project is on while keeping all of the involved parties informed. Not only will drone photography and videography provide the ability to track progress, but it can later serve as an example of your company’s work. We thoroughly photograph the site with our drone-powered cameras, ensuring we capture every detail before we leave.

Images such as this can help avoid costly delays and prove valuable to settling any conflicts regarding construction progress or stages. Our team will take as many aerial photographs or video as needed, throughout the entire construction process. We then provide you with high-resolution, professionally edited files. You can expect images in a timely fashion, as we aim to work within your deadlines.

Our family-owned and operated business has led drone photography and videography industry for nearly half a decade, and our leading photographer is an FAA-licensed and insured drone pilot. Take advantage of the newest documentation technology in the industry today.