The Advantages Of Using Real Estate Drone Photography

The Advantages Of Using Real Estate Drone PhotographyIt’s 2018 — if you’re using conventional photos and vague descriptions to highlight and market your properties as a real estate agent, then simply put, you’re behind the times. More than ever before, clients and would-be home buyers seek immersive, high-quality coverage that gives them a clear idea of what their prospective home is like, both on the inside and the outside. Of course, while you could always go through with your own camera and attempt to capture all of a home’s features and qualities, that’s not only taxing and time-consuming, but also often leads to sub-par footage.

An Advantage Over The Real Estate Competition

It is for these reasons — among other notable advantages — as to why real estate drone video and real estate drone photography are setting the new standard for real estate marketing. By taking crystal-clear, stable, and valuable footage of a given area — including the entire property from an aerial perspective — you’re putting your listings at an advantage over local competitors.

Get The Edge You Need By Using Drones For Real Estate Marketing

If there’s anyone who understands the nuances of real estate drone photography and video, it’s Jonathan The Drone Guy. An experienced drone pilot holding FAA Section 33 Exemption and a Party 107 Operators Certificate, Jonathan is fully-licensed, fully-insured, and 100 percent ready to help your property listings get the attention that they deserve! Through his Los Angeles real estate drone services, you’ll be able to capture every single detail from every possible angle. This is a can’t-miss opportunity for realtors in Southern California!

Learn more about the advantages of real estate drone video below, or feel free to reach out to Jonathan The Drone Guy to get started!

Capture Footage That You Can’t Otherwise Get

By safely and expertly piloting his drone around your property, Jonathan is able to precisely capture certain angles, viewpoints, and areas of the exterior and interior of your listing — all while you focus on whatever else is important! Gone are the days of fumbling around with a handheld camera yourself.

Aerial Footage Is Key

To get a birds-eye view of an entire property, drone footage is a must. Jonathan makes it incredibly easy for clients and buyers to see the entire property in one convenient shot, including the yard, entire home, and surrounding areas. Whether you need aerial real estate drone photography or an in-depth video showing what the listing looks like from above, Jonathan is your man.

Client Will Enjoy HD-Quality Video and Photography

All too often, people get frustrated looking at listings online that “feature” fuzzy images and a low-quality walkthrough video. Giving prospective buyers a clear idea of what the home is actually like, Jonathan’s drone footage makes this possible. Real estate drone video and photography is a win-win for everyone involved!

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In today’s evolving digital world, clients aren’t going to wait for you to catch up. Get the competitive real estate edge that you need by getting in touch with Jonathan The Drone Guy today!

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