Heres What Our Drone Services Can Do For You

Heres What Our Drone Services Can Do For YouIf you’re getting more comfortable and familiar with that characteristic “bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” sound that drones make, then you probably realize just how important drones — and, more importantly, drone video and drone photography — are in today’s technology-driven world. We’ll admit, we didn’t necessarily invent the concept of the drone or unmanned aircraft. We also weren’t the very first to strap a camera onboard and fly them around. However, Jonathan The Drone Guy may very well be the first individual to offer his drone footage services in an array of domains and industries including:

  • Real estate marketing
  • Land surveying (for building codes and requirements)
  • Surveying for construction and building companies
  • Music videos and other multimedia projects for the entertainment industry
  • Wedding coverage (videography and photography)
  • And more! (you’ll have to keep reading to find out!)

Your Project Is Made Special With Jonathan’s Drone Video And Photography Services

Whatever your custom needs are, Jonathan The Drone Guy can help meet and exceed your expectations. By meeting with his clients beforehand to discuss expectations and desired outcomes of the project at hand — whatever it may be — you’ll be on the exact same page as Jonathan before he comes out to capture your special event or project. From budget to special concerns to codes and regulations to location or venue changes, Jonathan lays out the details and removes any worry or anxiety from the picture.

Los Angeles Real Estate Drone Video And Photography Coverage

Are you having trouble marketing your listings? With the help of real estate drone coverage, your prospective buyers will turn into happy homeowners. Carefully flying his drones in and around the property, your clients will not only get a unique, aerial view of the home, but they’ll also get a virtual tour of the property as if they’re actually there. Realtors, learn more here.

Jonathan also offers land surveying services for zoning and code regulation as well as planning out plots of land for builders and construction companies. You can learn more on our general real estate drone services page.

Entertainment Industry

Jonathan The Drone Guy boasts extensive experience in the entertainment industry. Aerial and wide-angle shots are perfect for the entertainment industry, and Jonathan wants to leverage these skills to help bring your ideas to life. The above page will take you to several examples of Jonathan’s work.

Wedding Coverage

Imagine what unique footage you’ll get with a drone photographer and videographer at your wedding! Creating lasting memories with Jonathan’s custom-tailored drone wedding photography and videography services in the Los Angeles area.

Other Drone Services

If you can think of it, then Jonathan can probably help you out! Drones are one of the ultimate ways to capture footage and help market your business or service. Here are other areas that Jonathan The Drone Guy has covered:

  • Sporting events
  • Corporate events
  • Graduations
  • Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah
  • Birthdays
  • Engagements
  • Anniversaries
  • Hotel and resort showcases
  • Car dealerships and exotic rental companies
  • Attorneys (photographic evidence collection)
  • And more!

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