Unmanned aircraft might be taking the world by a storm, but we don’t mean that in a nefarious way. No, weaponized drones aren’t going to wreak havoc on the American populace. No, you can’t fly a drone anywhere you want. Yes, it takes a certain amount of skill and knowledge to know how to effectively pilot and maneuver a drone. Our point? There’s quite a lot of misinformation flying around out there pertaining to drones, and, as a drone expert himself, Jonathan The Drone Guy is here to help set the record straight.

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If you’re looking for drone service in Los Angeles to shoot music videos, market your real estate listing, survey land for commercial development, capture your wedding from a unique angle, and so much more, Jonathan is your guy. Turn your ideas into breathtaking video or photos by reaching out and getting a quote from Jonathan today!

Read below as we must a few of the most common drone-related myths.

Anyone Can Fly a Drone

If anyone could fly a drone, then why aren’t there more competitors when it comes to drone video and drone photography services? Not only is controlling an unmanned flying device a lot trickier than you’d think, but FAA-licensing is also an important part of being a legitimate and trusted drone pilot. Insurance also matters; Jonathan is insured up to $2 million for every shoot that he does.

Sure, flying a drone camera around probably looks fairly easy and simple, but navigating expensive equipment without hitting any obstacles is more nerve-wracking than you’d think (fortunately, Jonathan is a true professional).

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Airspace Laws Don’t Apply to Drones Because They Fly Low

Drones are not considered “model aircraft,”’ especially if they’re being flown for commercial purposes. The Federal Aviation Administration oversees airspace laws in the United States, and this includes everything from the ground to the stratosphere. The laws surrounding where drones can and can’t fly are boiled down to these remarkable simple rules (albeit a little paraphrasing):

  • Don’t fly near manned aircraft
  • Don’t fly near airports
  • Keep it “light”
  • Keep it in sight

Basically, be safe, sensible, and responsible when you fly your drone.

You Need to Travel to Far Away, Exotic Places to Get Beautiful Footage

Not true. While curious travelers are likely to bring a drone or some other specialized camera with them to properly document a trip to somewhere exotic, you don’t need to do so just to capture great footage. Heck, you could be in your backyard and get a view of your subdivision that most people probably haven’t seen. It doesn’t take a majestic waterfall in Iceland to get a unique angle on things (though it does take a drone to get that characteristic aerial view).

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