1. Why Using Our Drone Services For A Real Estate Virtual Tour Works

    Why Using Our Drone Services For A Real Estate Virtual Tour Works

    So you’ve just found the perfect property to list — and here in the greater Los Angeles area, there quite a few beautiful homes that need to find their way to the right buyer. When it comes to a beautiful house, situated on an even more beautiful piece of land, how do you really do a place like …Read More

  2. The Advantages Of Using Real Estate Drone Photography

    The Advantages Of Using Real Estate Drone Photography

    It’s 2018 — if you’re using conventional photos and vague descriptions to highlight and market your properties as a real estate agent, then simply put, you’re behind the times. More than ever before, clients and would-be home buyers seek immersive, high-quality coverage that gives them a cle…Read More

  3. Using Drones To Cover Your Southern California Wedding

    Does anyone get married without a reliable wedding photographer on-scene to document the special occasion? No; since we’ve had the technology available to document and record our lives with photographs (and eventually video), couples have always photographed their special day. From engagement phot…Read More

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    Two models for 7 ray emission are discussed briefly and applied to six known millisecond pulsars. Empirical results on these and two other pulsars are also presented. In particular steroid, a detection of PSR 1855 09 is reported steroid, and an upper limit to the flux from PSR 1957 20 is derived. an…Read More

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  7. A Wyvern is a Wyvern AND a member of the Dragon family

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    I don't mind using pads, but it really sucks when I can't swim because I'm on my period and none of my friends/female family members get it because they don't have any problems with it. So I end up feeling really bad. On top of all that, it just seems ridiculous that I can't do it and it's actually …Read More

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