10MbAbstractThis work is intended as an introduction to the study of problems in education in Senegal. It tries to indicate the comparative worth of some of the solutions to these problems, and to set them in an objective manner in their context in the general pattern of education, She thesis endeavours to show why certain attempted solutions have, come to nothing, and why others may be likely to fail. It suggests alternative solutions, or other possible ways to achieve the desired results within the framework of the existing system.

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steriods (4) The war in Libya is starting to resemble virtually every other war: commenced with claimed humanitarian justifications; supported by well meaning people convinced by the stated, official objectives; hailed as a short and easy task (“days steroid, not weeks”); and then warped into a bloody, protracted conflict far from the original claims and without any real end in sight. Earlier this week, one of the war’s most vocal supporters steroid steroid, Juan Cole, produced a list he entitled “Top Ten Mistakes in the Libya War,” including Obama’s failure to get Congressional approval, that “NATO has focused on a and awe strategy of pounding the capital, Tripoli,” and that “NATO put its emphasis on taking out command and control in the capital instead of vigorously protecting civilian cities under attack.”Perhaps that’s because “vigorously protecting civilians” was the pretext for the war, not the actual aim. Yesterday, NATO admitted it killed multiple civilians apparently including children by bombing a house in a residential area. steriods

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