Does anyone get married without a reliable wedding photographer on-scene to document the special occasion? No; since we’ve had the technology available to document and record our lives with photographs (and eventually video), couples have always photographed their special day. From engagement photos to that picturesque honeymoon sunset beach shot and every special moment in between, every couple deserves to capture their love with high-quality cameras.

However, to really take your wedding coverage to another level, have you considered drone wedding photography? Check it out!

Covering Your Southern California Wedding With Wedding Drone Photography

Imagine this: A beautiful location right on the beach, the sun is starting to go down, and the bride and groom are now happily married. But what about capturing everyone at your wedding, all in one shot? With the brilliance of wedding drone photography, your wedding guests won’t have to bunch together for a group photo – instead, let Jonathan The Drone Guy do all the work for you! Drones offer extremely high-quality, precision-based photographs and videos of your special day. From aerial shots to sweeping angles and other shots that conventional wedding photographers just can’t get, using drones for wedding photography is simply the way to go.

Below, our Los Angeles drone wedding service is going to take a slightly closer look at covering your wedding with our drone technology. If you have any questions for Jonathan The Drone Guy, feel free to get in touch today!

Professionalism and Preparedness

Working with a self-proclaimed drone pilot who doesn’t have an established safety plan, insurance coverage or extensive knowledge on how to operate the drone unit itself could spell disaster for your wedding day. Fortunately, Jonathan holds FAA certification, boasts extensive pilot experience, and is insured up to an impressive $2 million. By working with the bride, groom and other relevant party members, Jonathan ensures that everyone is on the same page about his services before the wedding begins.

Attention To Detail

Ideal for larger Southern California weddings, drone images and videos can capture all who are in attendance. Jonathan can get ample footage of the ceremony itself as well as the reception and any other special moments during the day. With attention to detail in mind, we’ll use a variety of drones depending on what your visions are for the final product.

Be a Part Of Something Truly Special

By focusing on strictly drone photography and videography for weddings, Jonathan has generated a number of happy and satisfied couples who can forever look back on their special day. Really, how many people can view their wedding ceremony from an aerial perspective? Time and time again, you’ll be enthralled to watch yourself say “I do” from an aerial vantage point.

Unforgettable Wedding Drone Photography In Los Angeles

For a wedding re-cap that you’ll enjoy time and time again, Jonathan The Drone Guy is the sensible choice for wedding drone photography and videography in Pasadena, Santa Monica, San Fernando, and other Southern California communities. Plan your wedding coverage today by getting in touch with Jonathan The Drone Guy!

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