Quick Tips To Set You Up For Drone Wedding Photography Success

Your wedding day: It’s one of the single most important dates in your life (as well as your partner’s life!). Of course, you’ll want your special day to go without a hitch. From organizing your family and friends to sending out invitations to booking the venue and ordering the cake — not to mention finding that perfect dress and arranging a wedding photographer that you can trust — there are many elements to consider. All things considered, there’s a lot that could go wrong, but if you plan the experience with the right attitude in mind, you’ll know that the celebration of your love and lifelong commitment to your partner is what truly matters.

Consider Aerial Wedding Videography With Jonathan The Drone Guy

Experienced in covering his fair share of weddings via drone wedding photography and wedding video in Los Angeles, Jonathan The Drone Guy is ready to expertly cover your big day. In order to help you know what to expect with a drone wedding videographer and photographer, we’re going to cover a few quick pointers below.

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Getting Approval From The Venue

We’re all going to have a bad time if there isn’t communication and subsequent approval of our drone services from your chosen wedding venue. While flying a drone indoors — even with an expert drone operator like Jonathan himself — is generally dangerous and not recommended, most outdoor venues will approve a drone for legitimate use. Fortunately, Jonathan The Drone Guy will work with the bride, groom, and venue to make sure that everything is set and approved before the big day.

FAA Approval

If you’re working with a drone operator who doesn’t have FAA-certification, or the outdoor wedding venue in question is unsure about the airspace around them, that’s not good. Not only is Jonathan fully licensed and insured, but he also holds FAA Section 333 Exemption & Part 107 Operators Certificate. By ensuring that the airspace above your wedding venue is approved for commercial drone use, he’ll eliminate any worry or uncertainty associated with the venue and the airspace in question.

Keeping Noise and Discretion In Mind

There’s no way around how noisy drones can be when they’re in operation, and so it’s best to discuss this with the bride, groom and wedding party beforehand. Typically, we won’t do drone wedding videography during the actual ceremony itself, as it can be very distracting to guests. A coordinated and fun photoshoot before, during or after the reception is a good way to capture the event without any drawbacks of drone noise. Funny enough (and not that this would ever occur thanks to Jonathan’s expert skills and experience), but it’s not unheard of for a drone to fly into someone’s face during a wedding.

Capture Your California Wedding With Drone Wedding Videography and Photography!

You have plenty to worry about and plan when it comes to your own wedding. Let Jonathan The Drone Guy take care of the technical stuff for you! Learn more about our drone wedding video and wedding photography services or get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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