If you are working on a case and you need to collect aerial photographic evidence of a property or room, look no further than our services. Our team offers confidential services for attorneys while putting together cases..

Without fail, photos tell more than a simple description and visuals are often more easy to follow (and trust) than a word-by-word account of a witness or defendant. We keep a keen eye on the details of the shots that we take, leaving nothing to question. The high-resolution images will be available to you in a timely manner, though if you need them right away, let us know when you call to request our services. We will do what we can to accommodate your needs.

Dedicated to providing the clearest images possible, our team is FAA-approved to fly drones, ensuring evidence will not be tampered with in the process of obtaining your photos. Call us today with the specifics of your drone photography and videography needs.